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products of P&G Health, Livogen, Evion, Neurobion Polybion, Seven Seas.


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India’s No.14 B-Complex

Daily Active Energy for All.

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Quick Relief from Cough Cold and Allergy

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India’s #1 Vitamin E Brand2

Trusted by millions of consumers for over 45 years.

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India’s No.11 Vitamin Brand

Keeps away body discomforts caused by lack of B Vitamins

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Seven Seas

Pure Vitamin Rich Cod-Liver Oil

Each Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil capsule has three times the DHA7 as compared to leading malt-based health drinks.

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Doctors’ Trusted No.15 Nasal Decongestant

Nasivion Classic Nasal Spray starts work on a blocked nose in 25 seconds6. So, you can get back to living a normal life sooner.

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India’s No.1 iron supplement

Break Free from Tiredness & Weakness.

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  6. In a prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, Nasivion® 0,05 % demonstrated a statistically significant reducing of the duration of acute rhinitis by 2 days as compared to physiological saline solution. Reinecke S, Tschaikin M. MMW - Fortschr Med. 2005;147(3):113-118.
  7. Each 15ml of SevenSeas Kids Emulsion contains (approx..): Cod Liver Oil 300mg. One daily serve of SevenSeas Kids Emulsion has more than 3X DHA as compared to daily serve of leading malt-based health drinks. Cod Liver Oil is a rich source of DHA, EPA, Vitamins A and D.